Restructuring or reorganisation of your business: change with total confidence

Your situation

Do you find yourself confronted with a new situation requiring organisational changes?

  • Repositioning of your business (new business orientation or exit from a business sector).
  • Outsourcing of certain functions.
  • Mergers and acquisitions, integration, relocation.
  • Entering new markets.
  • Product development.

Do you not have the experience or the resources necessary for the execution of such a project?

Our contribution

On a fixed term, our contribution to the management of your proposed restructuring takes place in close cooperation with your managers. We guide you up until the project implementation, the adoption of change at all levels of the business and the elimination of resistance to change.

To avoid resistance to change, we favour a participatory approach, communication and training/coaching. We consider the human dimension, the values and  the culture of your business. Thus, your employees can understand and accept more easily the ‘new rules’.

Your benefits

  • You get a quick and effective contribution and can continue to focus on your business during the reorganisation process.
  • Our experience, professionalism and integrity inspire trust, acceptance and enable integration within your business.
  • The neutral approach to project management and implementation ensures objectivity and neutrality, even in complex situations: we have no personal interests and do not take sides in case of tension or conflict.
  • Ensuring that all measures are taken, offer specific support and prevent resistance associated with change.
  • You benefit from our intervention only for the time needed, pay only for the service perceived and do not have long-term fixed costs.

The risks of a change without external support

  • Underestimate the scale of restructuring and the impact of change, even if it is a positive change, can lead to work overload and additional costs.
  • Involving internal resources that do not have the skills creates unnecessary stress.
  • Reorganisation administered in a risky way can endanger the existence of your business, by the negligence of ongoing matters and, ultimately, lost productivity.
  • Poorly managed restructuring can have serious consequences for employees: loss of standards, stress, lack of motivation or staff departures.