Improve the performance and increase the profitability of your business

When a business encounters performance issues, it is imperative to identify the causes to the smallest details in order to implement effective solutions as quickly as possible. Considering that a difficult situation not only negatively impacts your ability to run your business well but it often raises fears and anxieties devastating for you and those around you: fear of bankruptcy, job loss, squandering your property, efforts for nothing, tarnished reputation, etc.

Your situation

  • Your business goes through a difficult period.
  • You experience performance problems.
  • You face a loss of profitability.
  • You lack experience in dealing with this situation.
  • You cannot identify the causes and reasons for this difficult phase.
  • You fail to take appropriate measures.

Our contribution

We work with you for a specific period, according to precise specifications. We advise and support you in identifying issues and root causes, proposing solutions, planning actions to be undertaken and in the implementation of the recovery plan to revive the performance. Our mission ends once the situation stabilises.

Your benefits

  • You get a flexible, available and rapidly operational team.
  • As an external consultant, Agnéus Interim Management demonstrates greater objectivity and can, in a neutral manner, draw attention to the problems, opportunities and mistakes that the business could take and make.
  • You do not hear ‘what you want to hear, but what will be most effective for change’.
  • You benefit from our intervention only for the time needed, pay only for the service perceived and do not have long-term fixed costs.

The risks of change without external support

  • Make decisions that are not sufficiently hard-hitting because of your emotional, historical and political involvement
  • Risk of operational drift, neglect of ongoing business, lost productivity and credibility.
  • Loss of jobs.
  • Business bankruptcy.