Business Consulting :

the advice of an expert to optimise the functioning of your business

The business world is sometimes very complicated. Faced with new complex projects, it becomes increasingly difficult to have all the skills in-house. The business consultant contributes their experience in thinking through and in the development of solutions and an action plan, while allowing you to step back. As their role is not to replace a member of management, you keep control of the change at all times.

In which situations does your business need a business consultant?

The business consultant offers consulting, support and information to run your ongoing business, for your future strategy or in the context of a particular situation.

Strategic situations

  • Repositioning (new business orientation or exit from an industry sector)
  • Performance problem: recovery of a business in difficulty
  • Management of quick growth
  • Mergers and acquisitions, integration, relocation
  • Entering new markets
  • Management of crisis and conflict management
  • Planned or unplanned absence
  • Succession

Our contribution

We contribute independently for a fixed period with consultancy sessions, moderation sessions or other cases requiring expertise, objectivity and neutrality.

  • Diagnosis of the situation: analysis of the problems and the causes.
  • Formulation of practical advice and recommendations assuring a rapid and efficient transition.
  • Your business may choose to implement itself the recommended actions, to engage us as a supervisor or as an interim manager for their full implementation.