Replacement of executives: the right skills
at the right moment

Your situation

  • You need to replace a member of management as a result of a planned absence or departure.
  • You must manage a specific project and you lack internal skills and know how.
  • Your business requires an experienced external resource to make good this gap and assure the transition.
  • You face an unplanned event (illness, accident, etc.) that requires immediate action.

Our contribution

We can contribute to make good your deficiency during the required time according to the specifications established by your requirements. The following functions can be carried out:

  • Board member / General manager
  • Divisional director (human resources, training, marketing, sales, communication, quality)
  • Head of unit, of agency / Commercial director
  • Project manager
  • Trainer, Change manager

Your benefits

  • You benefit from a flexible, available and rapidly operational team.
  • You benefit from the long experience of Agnéus Interim Management and a contribution of different skills.
  • You benefit from our intervention only for the time needed, pay only for the service perceived and do not have long-term fixed costs.

The risks of not replacing your management staff

  • You risk burdening your internal resources unnecessarily.
  • Thinking to save money, you risk lowering your performance and, therefore, waste time and money.
  • The continuity of your business is not assured.